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About Us

About Us
Safety  -  Validity  - Affordability

For the past three decades our key founder, Dr. Liu, MD PhD, has been running a beloved alternative medicine clinic in the Boston area, and developed safe, convenient, and effective natural supplements --- "cocktails" of concentrated herbal extracts known to act on different targets --- to support the fight against a list of health disorders, particularly for those conventional therapeutics have shown disappointing results. We have helped thousands of patients, and now ready to help more worldwide with Lucerne Institute.

We believe in the philosophy of focusing on the root causes rather than mere symptoms, and engaging multiple targets instead of one.  With a highly professional team of MD's and PhD's, we have developed each product to integrate the best of traditional medicines, up-to-date biomedical research, pharmaceutical level quality standards, and decades of real world success.

As always, our customers’ health and well-being are our highest priority.

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