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Quality Assurance

The Quality of Our Products Is of Our Greatest Priority.
Certified GMP Manufacturing Facility

All of our herbal extracts are processed in GMP certified facilities. GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) is an internationally-recognized certification that requires the evaluation of every step of the production process. The certification covers personnel qualifications, record keeping, building, equipment, air, water, sanitation, and process validation --- as is required for the pharmaceutical industry.

Standardized & Concentrated Herbal Extracts

Lucerne products are made of natural, high potency, safe and proven herbal extracts. All of the herbs are collected and processed carefully to maximize their active ingredients, and then concentrated into extracts in order to reduce volume and increase potency.

Above All, Validation in the Real World

Our Lucerne products have already helped thousands of users over the years through our founders’ highly acclaimed alternative medicine practice.  We established Lucerne Institute in the hopes of helping even more people throughout the world.

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